Mr. & Mrs. Perry

Grand Bayou Noir

Married: June 27, 2020

This might not have been the original date that Courtnee and Chase had scheduled but their wedding day turned out just perfect.  Covid-19 struck this couples original plans but they had the best attitudes despite all the crazy changes. 

Chase and Courtnee got married at one of our favorite venues in Houma, Grand Bayou Noir.  The property is just beautiful, and it was the perfect location for this precious couple.


Courtnee and Chase are a precious couple.  I have been looking forward to this wedding since we met.   Courtnee used to be a model and boy did it show.  She was just stunning.  I loved that she wore her mom’s flower crown from her wedding as her something borrowed.  It was the perfect touch.  Chase is enlisting in the military after the honeymoon.  Chase, we want to thank you for your sacrifice to serve our country.  I do not take my freedom for granted and I’m grateful every day there are people like you who put their lives on the line.  My God protect and watch over you.


I cannot wait to share these images with you. Tony and I had so much fun with you!  This is only a small peek of our favorites!  I hope you enjoy!