Mr. & Mrs. Schaul

Rosy’s Jazz Hall

Married: October 19, 2019

It was a beautiful October, New Orleans day. Dylan & Taylor couldn’t have picked a more perfect day to get married.  I love that Taylor chose to get ready at her parents’ home.  It was filled with lots of excitement and “I cannot believe today is the day!”.  It seems like we were just at my studio discussing the BIG day!


Lots of happy tears were shed at this wedding.  My favorite part of the night were Dylan & Taylor’s heartfelt vows to each other.  These two have been together for so long and it was beautiful to witness their commitment to each other.  It was very easy to get taken in by Taylor’s abundant laugh and smile.  We can see why her friends and family, especially Dylan, adore her so much.


Misty and I hope you two are enjoying your first month of marriage.  We had a fantastic time with you both! It was such a privilege to be the ones there to capture your day. Thank you for allowing us to be there.  Here are just a few of our favorites.  We hope you enjoy!